Milk Sector Economics in India

Dairy farming and milk production is seeing a trend of increasing consolidation,
leading to marginalisation of the small dairy farmer

Although the Dairy industry as a whole is thriving, the real income of the small farmer
is barely keeping up with inflation. We are helping correct this trend.

The dairy farming and milk production in India is facing the challenge of increasing consolidation which is leading to the marginalization of the small dairy farmer. The industry as a whole may be thriving, but the small farmer is struggling to make ends meet. Efforts are being made to correct this trend and support the small dairy farmer.

This trend of consolidation is due to the rise of large dairy companies who are dominating the market and reducing the bargaining power of the small farmers. The small farmers are facing many challenges including low prices for their milk and difficulty in accessing the market.

As a result, they are struggling to make a living and support their families. This situation is concerning because the small farmers play a crucial role in the dairy industry and contribute significantly to the economy of the country. It is important to find a solution to this problem and ensure the sustainability of the small dairy farmer.